From Debt To $18,700 Business

When Kevin first joined the Source Hacker Family, he was starting from scratch. He wanted to manifest his dream business to take care of his family. As time passed, that’s exactly what he did. After applying Memory Flipping and “rewriting” his past to align it with his desired future, he went from being in debt to manifesting $18,700. […]

Frankie manifested $10,000 after this

While traveling with Frankie through the Canary Islands, after our conversations I’ve realized something. The reason he wasn’t able to reach next level was not external strategies, it was internal. I asked him if he wants to do a Memory Flipping session with me and he agreed. Then this happened: If you’d like to try Memory Flipping for yourself, click […]

Source Hacker Vision, Mission & Principles

Many organizations talk about “company culture” or “core values” however very few live it. At Source Hacker, we’re not perfect by any means, but here’s how we strive to live by our core values everyday: Each team member gets shipped a framed copy of our Vision, Mission & Principles On every team call, we acknowledge […]

Source Hacker Demo

Would you like to get a sneak peek behind the Source Hacker System and it’s deliverables? Check out this quick video by Peter Szabo walking you through exactly what’s included:  

What YOU Can Do To Be Happier

When I set out on a path of entrepreneurship, my English was not perfect, my skills were limited and I lacked knowledge. However, I had a deep desire to become the best version of myself and to provide for my family and loved ones. After 11 years of sticking to my guns, I realized there […]

The 1 Key To Manifesting BIG

Thoughts become things, like attracts like and mindset is EVERYTHING. While I believe all of the above to be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean you constantly have to police yourself in order to make sure your manifestations come to fruition… Instead, you need to relax and get into your ‘flow’ state of mind. The mantra […]

Standing On The Right Side Of History

It is said that history is nothing but the biography of great men. If you want to stand on the right side of history, write it. You can become a reader of history, learning everything but accomplishing nothing. You can become a writer of history, creating impact but lacking legacy. Or … You can become […]

The First Step Towards Changing The World Is Loving Yourself

Love has the power to change the world for the better – but if we want to change the world, we ought to love ourselves first. As it turns out to be, loving yourself is not always such an easy thing to do. That’s because most of us have been taught since early childhood that […]

The Puzzle You NEED To Solve

It’s incredibly difficult to invent something new. We often tend to think that in order to succeed in our respective niche we must come up with something entirely new – something that’s never been done or created before. This line of thinking often serves no purpose other than putting us in a never ending cycle […]