Since 2015 we've helped 300+ of our agency clients make over $100MM in sales

profitabily using Meta, Google Ads & A.I. Automation


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What does it take to scale to 7 & 8 figures?

You need more than just Facebook Ads to scale profitably with consistency and predictability.
8-Figure Management

What would happen to your ad campaigns if Peter and his media buying team that has been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in new revenue took over? If you want to get to 7-8 figures, hire someone who's been there, done that.

The ROI Frameworks

After having examined 100s of businesses, it became vividly clear what was the difference between winners and losers: and it certainly wasn't just a Facebook Ad or a Funnel. That's why I developed the ROI Frameworks: to turn any business into a wildly profitable and scalable one – at will – by upgrading the business as a whole, interconnected system, instead of just working on the ads or funnels alone.

Millionaire Mentorship

Get direct access to a 2 comma club member who's overseen 30,000+ campaigns, generated tens of millions for his clients and get custom-tailored actionable insights for your specific business, instead of just drowning in a sea of random information that may not even be relevant to you.


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About Peter Szabo

Peter Szabo accidentally stumbled into business & self help at the ripe age of 11 because of a failed investment his family made.

Coming from an average Slovakian household, now struck with debt and loan repayments, Peter hated to see his parents suffer, despite good intentions of wanting a better financial future for the family.

That motivated Peter to change his family’s unfortunate financial situation, however being 11 years old, barely speaking any English, there wasn’t much hope… until he saw the movie “The Secret”.

Even though the movie didn’t quite reveal the full secret to success according to Peter; it was enough to make him naively believe that “you can be, do, have anything if you set your mind to it”. With that blind faith, Peter Googled “how to make money online” and that’s how his journey began.

Fast forward to 19 years of age — after six-figures invested in countless mentors, coaches, seminars and putting in blood, sweat and tears — Szabo built his first +$1.2M/yr business — a digital marketing agency.

Over a period of thirteen years, he’s helped 300 small businesses in a wide variety of industries generate over $100M in revenue PROFITABLY using Facebook & YouTube ads — becoming the #1 largest FB Ads agency in CEE at the time.

Szabo also wrote a #1 Amazon best seller on marketing & sales, won a Stevie award for excellence in customer experience, as well as been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, & other media outlets.

At LEADEVO our mission is helping 10,000+ impact-driven businesses transform into world-class companies that produce exceptional profit margins & deliver remarkable customer experiences.


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