Is Peter Szabo Really A Scam As Some Internet Troll Put It?

Well, Source Hacker Has A Few 1* Reviews (And Some Haters), But We Also Have 2900+ Student Results:

What About The Scam Accusations?

Here’s my response to the internet trolls who called Source Hacker & Memory Flipping a scam, 
despite never having bought anything from us, let alone trying our free stuff:

Quick Backstory

Hey, my name is Peter Szabo and I’ve accidentally stumbled into online business & personal development at 11 years old. 

At 11 my parents took on loans, emptied their savings and invested into an MLM company in hopes for a better financial future.

Unfortunately, the investment went south and we went broke.

As an average Slovakian household, my parents never made more than 600 bucks a month so with loan repayments on top of that, we were in a pretty tight spot.

Thankfully I still had a roof above my head, food on the table… at the same time I remember I was the only kid in school whose parents didn’t own a car, never went on the classic Slovakian 1 week per year vacation to Croatia and I couldn’t even afford a $50 pair of Nike sneakers. 

Blind Courage!

With that blind courage, I went onto google and typed in "how to make money online".

That's how my journey began:

Initially I was making 3-4 pennies a day clicking on ads via PTC (paid to click) websites. It literally took me months to make a dollar.

Then I sold services on Fiverr, done social media & email marketing and eventually progressed to making

$1 a day,
$10 a day,
$100 a day...

The Source Hacker System

A bit later, at 21, I started my personal development company with the mission of helping 1 billion people build lives they love because as cliche as it may sound, I do genuinely believe the key to "making this Earth a better place" is helping the individual get better. The sum total of humans loving their lives is a world WE love.

Within the very first year, I grew the company to $1M/yr and helped 100s of everyday people change their lives for the better.

To date, we've documented well over 2000 success stories at

My agency allowed me to make money, help out my parents, but ultimately I was lacking a deeper meaning, purpose.
What we do at Source Hacker with Memory Flipping filled that gap.

It's a business that provides not only income, but impact. It's the perfect marriage of profits + passion.

I believe it's not about being either giving or greedy. I don't think such binary thinking is useful. I think the symbiosis and synergy of both is the key to long-term, sustainable and fulfilling success - building a business that servers a mission greater than just myself.
Building a business that's not just designed to get the owner unlimited Lamborghini's (I own zero), but to genuinely help people and in return receive resources (money), +80% of which I reinvest in the company to spread the message in hopes of helping more.

I know this sounds cheesy and may be hard to believe coming from an industry filled with tons of "fake gurus" but hopefully my actions will speak louder than my words over time.

The Secret?

Luckily, at that time I saw a movie called "The Secret".

It didn't quite reveal the "whole secret to success" but it made me naively believe as an 11-year old that I can "be, do, have it all".

With that blind courage, I went onto google and typed in "how to make money online".

On the surface I thought if only I made some money, all of problems would be solved... 

...deep down I just hated to see my parents suffer, so I had to do something about it.

First Million Dollar Business

... all the way to starting a Facebook Ads agency @ 17 years old and scaling it to $1.2M/year by 19.

During that time we've had 300+ clients - from small to bigger businesses - in a wide variety of industries generate tens of millions of dollars combined (primarily using FB ads).

Looking back, I discovered every time I leveled up in business, I also had to grow as a person.

The same thing applied to all my clients, peers and mentors as well. 

That's when I realized that business success and personal development were deeply interwoven.

Psychology, neurology and human performance all became passions of mine since a very young age. 

I remember watching Tony Robbins videos on YouTube at like 12 years old and taking lots of notes.

With some context out of the way, I'd love to briefly respond to the accusations:

First, a bit of self-reflection: I'm still young (just turned 23 at the time of writing this) and I've got lots to learn.

I know I'm not perfect, nor are my products or marketing.
Therefore I'm open to feedback and constructive criticism.

If you happen to be a customer or just someone who's interacted with our companies in one way or another, and you're not 100% satisfied and happy with your experience, please shoot an email to me personally and I'd be happy to look in to it and make it right. ([email protected])

With that said, I'm also grateful to mention that the vast majority of reviews and interactions with our companies online are overwhelmingly positive (as seen on our trustpilot & - database of our student successes).

Now, just like any other company, we've also gotten a handful of negative ones too over the years.

Some are very valid - we dropped the ball, made a mistake and for that we're sorry. 

In these cases, we typically just refund the money and try to learn from our shortcomings. (and no, we don't hold your money hostage if you're not 100% satisfied 😄)

...that's why all of our products come with a refund guarantee of some sort,
typically 30-day money back guarantee.

Some reviews, unfortunately, were made by internet trolls. 

By folks who never actually bought anything from us, or went through our courses - maybe they just didn't like my YouTube ads 😄 haha

And by all means, power to them. We have free speech. People can say whatever they want about whoever they want... and that's perfectly fine. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, however not entitled to their own facts. 

Facts are universal, and that's why I'm putting together this article - to clear up some misunderstandings and accusations that we made about me and my companies.

( <-- these are by real customers by the way)

The 4 Accusations The Troll Made & My Response:

#1 Peter Szabo is a Fake Guru!
I’m aware many do, but I didn’t actually make my money by selling “success courses” before I was successful or by selling courses on how to make money online by selling courses online. Ha, I know it’s a funny, but sad and vicious cycle… however I’ve first built a legit business running Facebook Ads for small businesses. 

Once I’ve achieved a certain level of “success” then I proceeded with what’s always been my passion work – psychology & personal development. 

There’s nothing wrong about selling a course on how to improve someone’s life, especially if comes at a fair price, solid refund guarantee and from someone who’s actually done it (and not just pretending to be a fake guru trying to succeed by selling a book on success). Big difference – at least in my opinion.


#3 He's removing negative reviews from Google!
Well, he's kind of right here, but not really.

We did hire a DMCA removal company to remove illegal, pirated copies of our courses from the search engines (these are often infected with viruses, malware, spyware and more... plus it's lacking the live elements as that can't be pirated).

So yes, we're actively removing those just like any savvy online education business does, however we have NEVER removed a single negative review online, nor can we. 

(We did send a cease and desist to 1 troll though, since he's not a customer and a bunch of his statements are verifiable false - to be 100% transparent)

#2 Law of attraction and personal development are a scam! 
Of course it doesn't work if you don't use it consistently and follow through. If your personal trainer gives you a solid workout and meal plan and you stick to it, would you say it's nearly guaranteed that you'll lose weight? (assuming there's no health complications like a hypothyroid). Abso-fucking-lutely. 

So if you're given a solid self help or biz plan and you follow through on it, you will see progress. Period. However most people never follow through - thus they don't get much results or any at all. 

Many buy books for instance, but very, very few finish chapter 1, let alone the whole book (and I haven't even touched on the application of it's ideas)

#4 He's making money selling courses and that's just pure evil! Duh! Yes, I am and like I mentioned above, I think society likes to think in black or white... in "ABSOLUTES".
You're either a greedy businessman who's stealing from people left and right...OR you're a buddhist meditating on top of a rock, giving and serving people 24/7.

Let me ask you a question: how are you supposed to give if you don't already have plenty yourself? And that doesn't just apply to money... could be your time or advice even. 
I don't believe in the idea that you're either greedy or giving. 
Sure, there's some bad apples out there doing shady shit but not everyone who's wealthy is "evil". For you to give a lot, you have to amass a lot... just like Elon Musk who's a billionaire has amassed tons of resources he's using them to turn humanity into a multiplanetary species, and more. Having lots of money isn't innately good or bad. It's what you do with it. 
Plus, those who pay, pay attention - meaning folks who invest in themselves are much more likely to follow through vs. people who have 0 financial incentive to succeed.

So it's true: we're not perfect. We do have 1* reviews, process a few refunds and have some internet trolls (who never bought anything from us) calling me a "scam".

However, we also have tons of 5* reviews, next to 2700+ documented student success stories & real results.

Finally, just like Starbucks we have a "make it right/refund you policy" in case we drop the ball or if you're not happy with the product.

Thank you for reading this far and hopefully you make up your own mind seeing both sides of the story 🙂

Much love,
Peter Szabo