Let Me Be Honest With You


I am just going to be blunt.

Progress equals happiness.

Achieving a new goal is going to give you a momentary “high” but constant progress is what’s going to give you direction and true happiness.

When Evelina bought Gap shares she was happy for a minute, but what kept providing her with constant joy was seeing the shares rise in value.

She sold the shares two days ago at a +230% increase, but she didn’t stop there – she is still investing.

Peter Drucker once said:

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

That is why I created the life sheet, which Evelina has implemented into her life.

The life sheet is a tool I use on a daily basis – as do all members of the family.

I use it to know what I have to do everyday and to measure my progress.

So can you.

The best part is, your life sheet will be personalized to you, tailored to your goals.

That’s it!

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