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At the moment, we’re looking to hire Support Reps & VAs for our fast-growing company, however other positions may be available as well, so you can still submit your application below for roles like Project Manager, Media Buyer, Develop, Sales Rep and more.


We’re looking for a virtual assistant / support rep to help a CEO of a fast-paced organization with support roles, organization, maintenance and administrative tasks. 

This position is suitable for contractors although after long-term collaboration we may transition into employment.

At – an online self help company – we help people build a life they love through resolving past traumatic memories and improving their self-image using online courses, coaching and Q&A calls.

We have nearly 3000+ customer success stories documented at so our stuff works. We’re looking for people that genuinely care about creating an impact, not just income. The symbiosis of both is ideal.



  • Work from home
  • Very flexible schedule
  • Flexible, easy going vacation schedule
  • Travel opportunities around the world
  • Part to full-time work options (2-4hrs or 5-8hrs a day, 5-6 days a week)
  • $10/hr starting rate with potential to grow to $15-25/hr relatively quickly [min. 30 day trial period needed]
  • Performance bonuses and many other incentives


  1. Internal Integrity — we’re looking for people who do the right thing, even if no-one is looking; people whose actions align with their words.
  2. Feedback Focused — we’re looking for smart, self aware people who can give feedback, receive it with humility and care enough to act on it.
  3. Extraordinary Excellence — we’re looking for people who are naturally driven, who care about their craft and would proudly put their autograph on it as they know they produced something excellent.


  • Attention to detail
  • Neatly organized
  • Highly conscientious 
  • High perfectionism
  • Consistent and high follow through
  • Perfect English
  • Fast replies
  • Tech-savvy 
  • +1 year of VA / support rep experience


  • Administrative, business operational support for key executives and teams
  • Email management/filtering – composition, inbox organization, template development
  • Following up with clients/customers – highly responsive combined with task management
  • Calendar appointment, scheduling, management and travel arrangements
  • Research – Data, Business Research, Legal Research, Analysis and Report Development; Data Entry/CRMs
  • Creating Excel reports/ PowerPoint presentations
  • Editing – Business Documents (Contracts), Social Media and Website Content (WordPress, Vimeo, ClickFunnels, ScheduleOnce, Zoom, Loom, Wistia and more)


  • Replying to support help tickets from customers (based on FAQ database)
  • Managing a Facebook group (approving members, moderating and answering posts)
  • Google sheet organizing, merging sheets, writing functions
  • Financial analysis in spreadsheets: how much we spent on ads vs. net profit
  • Managing calendars: see if employees are over/underworking, report to CEO
  • Trip planning, booking flights, hotels, accommodation for the whole team

If you are interested, please submit your application here: